Concerts Cancelled Until 11/18

Concerts Cancelled Until 11/18

PSI Management refuses to negotiate, instead chooses to cancel more concerts

Today we learned that PSI Management has unilaterally decided to cancel performances through November 18, 2016.

“This is a decision made by Management, and Management alone,” said Micah Howard, PSO bassist and Chair of the Musicians’ Orchestra Committee. “We are ready to negotiate an end to this dispute so the Musicians can be back on stage at Heinz Hall. But Management has repeatedly declared that they are unwilling to compromise – that they won’t even meet with us unless we accept the ‘last, best, and final’ contract demands they made a month ago.

“Management’s claim that they are cancelling concerts ‘because of the Musicians’ strike’ is totally false,” Howard added. “In fact, these concerts have been cancelled because of Management’s refusal to negotiate. That’s the real reason.”

Concerts Cancelled